Welcome to Platinum Planning Solutions, your premier destination for comprehensive town planning consultancy services. Our team of highly skilled town planners boasts extensive expertise in delivering top-notch town planning advice and securing planning approvals for a wide array of retail, commercial, and residential projects across Australia.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of projects including:

- Dwelling houses
- Dual occupancies
- Multi-dwelling developments
- Signage approvals
- Retail tenancies
- Restaurants
- Offices
- Warehouses
- Gyms
- Vets / animal hospitals
- Medical centres
- Education centres
- Heritage fit-outs
- Mixed-use developments

Let us assist you with all your town planning requirements and ensure a seamless journey towards project success.

We specialise in providing comprehensive town planning consultancy services for a variety of projects ranging in nature from retail / commercial projects including signage approvals and applications for retail tenancies, restaurants, offices, warehouses, gyms, vets, medical centres, education centres, alongside heritage fit-outs to residential / domestic projects for dwelling houses, dual occupancies, townhouse developments and more.

Our services include site reviews, compliance reviews, planning advice, planning reports, Statement of Environmental Effects, Clause 4.6 Variations, Pre-DA meetings, and DA lodgement & management.